Saturday, March 12, 2011

Passionfruit Haul

I'm not exactly sure how much is in this jug, but probably about 500ml of pure passion fruit pulp, and since a little goes a long way, this is loads!
We're having friends round for dinner tonight so I'm making a pavlova and some of this will go over the top. The rest will freeze. I put it into fairly small bags - the size I know will go on top of a pavlova - I should get at least 6 out of this lot.

( addition! Well after the most lovely evening with gorgeous, funny, company there's not a whole lot left to freeze - this makes me happy! I reckon it's the sign of a really excellent night when you've hardly any passionfruit left :) )

(we're ok here, Civil Defence has us on a tsunami warning after the horrendous earthquake in Japan, but so far the waves are topping out at 50cm. I don't know what's going on in the world right now. Poor Japan. I've been watching footage all morning and have never seen anything like it, heartbreaking.)


  1. I have severe passionfruit envy again Laura. Looks delish. Please take a photo of your pav!

    Heartbreaking scenes again. I think mother earth is trying to tell us someting don't you think!?

  2. I think you're right Wendy, she's definitely not happy about something right now.

    I shall photograph the pav just for you xx

  3. I hope you stay safe! And yes were watching the horrible things happening in Japan and were praying.

    The passionfruit looks and sounds great!


  4. Yum passion fruit pulp sounds delicious!

    I agree that mother earth is definitely trying to let the humanity know she is unhappy. Still is heartbreaking to see the devastation.

  5. It is horrible :( What is going on with our earth :(
    I love your jug! Only planted passionfruit this late summer so hope for fruit next year!

  6. Oh, don't forget to make a sponge with passionfruit icing! YUM

  7. Sounds like you are passionate about your passion fruit:) I love pavlova's but have a hard time with the meringue.

  8. We spoke this morning about the same thing, it seems that the earth is upset about something, as it just seems like one thing after another...Im glad that you are okay...
    As for your gorgeous passionfruit pulp....can you take the seeds out...I absolutely love the taste of passionfruit, but can not get past the crunch of the seeds... :(

  9. oh you know I dont know - it's a bit like frog spawn! so I reckon it would be tricky - funnily enough I usually hate seeds - I pick them out of grapes and watermelon, but happily eat passion fruit. It's maybe cos when I lived in Glasgow one passion fruit was about 3 pounds!! So I think they are very precious and can hardly believe they grow in our garden!

  10. Have just heard from my son in Japan he is okay but his contents in his apartment are destroyed. He says that the ground wont stop moving. If you live near the sea have you heard how rogh it has been lately it was the same a few days before the christchurch one. We live one street back from the beach in Mt Maunganui.

  11. You know. I don't think I've ever had actual passionfruit.


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