Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A wee trip

Sun is shining, still nice and warm, so Lloyd and I took a wee jaunt up to Mangonui, and you can't go to Mangonui without stopping off for fish and chips!

I can take or leave chips, but the fish is the most lovely ever. Freshly caught in the morning and freshly cooked when you order it.


  1. Your pics make me want to jump on a plane to NZ, glorious, and the fish & chips look delish!

  2. oh yum - gorgeous photo and gorgeous food. I want to be there too.

  3. That looks FAB! Oh, and the scenery is nice too! LOL!
    I have sooo been craving fish and chips and this just quadrupled it!

  4. Sorry don't want to be a spoil sport but next time you are in Mangonui skip the overrated touristic Fish&Chips shop and go to the Mangonui Hotel. On the right hand side of the hotel is an F&C shop. Just compare the quality of the fish, the chips and over all - the prices! And then judge for yourself.

    And by the way, the best pizza in Northland comes from the Mangonui Waterfront Cafe! Plus outstanding service.

    And no, I am not related in any way to any of the mentioned businesses!



  5. Sorry Peter, totally disagree!
    We've tried all fish places in Mangonui and love the one over the water the best. Been going there for 6 years and have never had anything but a brilliant lunch.
    It's not just tourists eat there :)
    Shall definitely try the pizzas though as I'm a bit of a pizza lover :)

  6. What a beautiful, delicious trip!
    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Fish and chips - haven't had any in years. Those look delish.


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