Thursday, May 05, 2011

How the chicks have grown!

Remember a couple of weeks before I went to Scotland, Elizabeth hatched 6 wee chicks? Well under Lloyd and Elizabeth's care and attention they have grown huge! Poor Lloyd really had his work cut out for him as they kept having mammoth dust baths which made holes big enough for them to escape under the sides of their little chick house. He had to round them up numerous times. They're now big enough to be let out with all the other chickens ( I am a big wimp with wee chicks and make them stay in their own run with their mum until they are about 5 weeks old) Out of the 6 there are three girls and three boys - one of each type - Light Sussex, Golden Wyandotte and Silver Wyandotte so I am well pleased.
A wee boy GLW and a wee girl SLW

A boy LS and Elizabeth ( she's a Silver Campine)

The boy LS

They're difficult to photograph as they zoom around really fast.

Here's 4 of the big chooks. They're pretty much all coming to an end of their moult, so they look lovely and shiny. Hopefully they will start laying again in the not too distant future... We're getting 2 eggs a day just now, which is actually a lot better than most folk who aren't getting any right now, shorter daylight hours and the time of year for moulting puts paid to an egg glut. But they deserve a rest, for sure.

One of my three araucanas from the last lot of chicks. I used to think I had 2 girls and a boy, now they all look like boys and frankly until one either lays an egg or starts crowing I will remain clueless!

Last year we planted lots of wild flower seeds ( at great expense!) But it was worth it and the little wild flower garden was a gigantic success. This autumn we religiously collected seeds from spent plants, then after a bit of clearing and feeding, we sprinkled them all over the wild flower garden again. They're doing beautifully.  I planted a couple of planters for the veggie garden, just to entice bees and to look pretty. They're also growing nicely.
sunny one!

shady one!
There was a lot of dew this morning.

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  1. Your chookies do look grown up...I bought a few for the children for Easter, and they are about four weeks old now...looking like little dinosaurs.....but goodness the children are having fun with them...I also bought Audrey and Mavis, a couple of point of lay girls...I am also looking forward to a couple of fresh eggs a day in the not so distant future....x

  2. Penny Duthie10:42 am

    Love your blog Laura!! Some time back you mentioned a site where you log in as helpers on farms, can't find it now - help please!

  3. Audrey and Mavis - brilliant names!! I may have to nab one of them for my new girls - I particularly like mavis, it goes with all my other M names!

    Penny, the site you're looking for is called Helpx.
    it's brilliant.

  4. They sure look grown up. And pretty. Well, the girls are pretty. The boys are handsome.

  5. beautiful photos of the chicks and the garden. love the dew on the plants.

  6. Your babies aren't babies anymore. I too am waiting with baited breath for my older girls to get laying again...and for this year's babies to begin laying...should be any day now. Fingers crossed.

  7. Awwww....everything looks just lovely! Great photos. I have a secret weakness for dew covered plants!

  8. That is a bunch of good looking chooks.

    Blessings Kelsie

  9. I just can't wait until we have room for chickens and a big veggie patch... Can. Not. Wait!

    Katie x


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