Saturday, June 18, 2011

Extreme Weather

Today it's 20 degrees, hot, sunny, blue skies. Rather stunning winter's day really. Yesterday was warm, wet, wetter and wettest! Paddocks turned into rivers, dips in paddocks turned into swimming pools. We've had torrential rain before, we live in a sub  tropical area, so we're used to it. However, this tree trunk had been in the same spot for 6 years ( that we know of.) Last night it moved... a lot!

 All of this was a river.

All the grass that you can see in the photo, with the exception of the bit on the far right, was totally under water, a raging torrent!
This trunk is about 10m long and is about 1m wide, so it's not small.

 You can see how deep the water got - the grass and muck all over the fence was the 'high tide'


  1. I hope your animals were okay Laura...I always worry for the animals in the rain and wind, big or small..........

  2. they were all fine, but I know exactly what you mean - I was lying in bed last night worrying about them all.

  3. Wow!! Mother Nature....truly a force to be reckoned with.

    So glad you and your animals are okay, I bet you have lots of scary moments.

    Take care.

    Sue xx

  4. It is funny to think about N.Z having a sub-tropical region...but I suppose you are right at the north end.

  5. Isn't it amazing what Mother Nature can do!!! There is nothing we can do but wait her out. So glad all is well with your animals.

  6. In the spring of the year we get rains like that. One knows to stay away from high waters. Glad the animals were ok.

  7. It was pretty impressive rain, huh? And guess what? It's raining again! I'm a bit over it actually, the paddocks are soupy, I've got washing to dry and the chooks look like ducks - wet.

  8. Oh wow terrific drainage you've got too as today you can't tell there was a river raging just hours before! The power of can be so frightening. I'm worrying about my chooks back home. Hope the house sitters are doing a good job but they aren't chook lovers like us so there is no hot water bottle in their coop at night whilst we're away. Glad you and your animals are well!


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