Sunday, June 05, 2011

It's winter now

After the last couple of days it sort of feels like it. Not that it's been cold, it's actually been warm, but it's been horrible and wet and hugely windy.
Today, however, has dawned warm, sunny and blue skied.
We're going to the Sunday Farmers' Market in town to stock up on some lovely things.

I managed to gather up these leaves before they all blew away. They're from one of our Japanese maples - beautiful wee trees. One of our helpxers last year was a bit of a dab hand at tree pruning and he did this one for us and it now looks amazing, it's beautifully shaped.


  1. It is supposed to be spring here, but it has done nothing but rain. We aren't complaining, we are just glad it isn't snow!!

  2. I love the leaves. We planted some maples a couple of years ago. They are such pretty trees.

  3. Definitely winter here too! So frosty already!

  4. There is something so striking about red leaves. They are my favorite. The more crimson the better.


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