Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Manuka Honey... a big deal in New Zealand. It's made by bees ( nah) who feed on the flowers of the Manuka and Kanuka trees. They're the Kiwi version of the tea tree.
Manuka Honey has amazing antibacterial properties, there are all sorts of things it's thought to be good for, but basically we like it on our toast or in yoghurt!
Lloyd was lucky enough to be given a huge jar of the stuff - I say lucky enough cos it's very expensive and we've only ever had teeny tiny jars before.

I need some honey to cheer me up - we're having a new drain dug at the moment - and I can't fault the digger driver - he's lovely, very skilled and digging as neatly as you can dig a huge, long, 2 foot deep, trench through pristine green grass and a lovely orchard. I just keep telling myself it'll all grow again...sometime. 


  1. Have purchased Manuka honey from NZ. Great stuff!

  2. Magic stuff Manuka, we use it on our horses, great to help heal open wounds. We always have a jar or 2 around :)

  3. Anonymous2:52 pm

    I love honey. Enjoy!!

  4. I have been using Manuka honey for a few years now. It is very expensive though.

    It is excellent stuff, I have it on my porridge each morning for breakfast and have never been sick in all the time that I have used it.

  5. I don't really like the taste of manuka honey. But I do have a teaspoonful when I'm suffering from a sore throat - instant relief.

  6. I am another who keeps a couple of jars around the house. One for us and one for the animals. Expensive but an excellent wound healing product. One of my horses took a piece of flesh off his leg about 12 cm across and 10 cm down. We used manuka honey and various fixative dressings and healed it down to scar that is about 4cms across by about 1.5 cms.

    Love manuka honey.


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