Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pork Rendang by Lloyd

Marinade the pork in the following

coconut milk
toasted and crushed cumin and fennel seeds
garam masala
ground coriander 
2 tea spoons of prawn paste ( belacan)
1 piece of cinnamon
some bruised lemongrass spears
and some keffir lime leaves

Toast some coconut.

After about 2 hours of marinading take out the pork and batch fry it until brown. We used 1kg pork steaks and this fed 4 people.

Once all the pork is cooked on the outside add all the marinade except the lime, lemongrass and cinnamon bits, and cook slowly. As the liquid reduces add three tablespoons of toasted grated coconut.

Keep reducing until the sauce is almost dry and just coating the meat.

This takes about an hour and a half.

Serve with coconut rice.
And eat with friends.

Oh! I totally forgot to say why Lloyd was trying this recipe out. A whole lot of our friends are amazing cooks, love food and are incredibly knowledgeable about it - I do not include myself in this, as much that I love food, I'm not so great at the other 2 things!
Anyway a few years ago we all started the "Curry Cup" this is held at one of our houses - usually the winner of the previous year - and everyone enters a curry. We eat our way through at least 12 curries then roll home!
The standard ~ as well as the stakes ( super cool curry cup) ~ is mind blowingly high.
This year's curry cup is on Saturday, I can hardly wait!


  1. That looks to tasty. Yum

  2. Ooh that sounds very nice indeed. Will have to give it a go. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, that's dinner settled for tonight.

  4. Oooooh yummy! I like the sound of the Curry Cup, what a great idea :)

  5. You got my vote Laura!

  6. yum...going to make this tonight and probably initiate an annual curry cup down the line...i love this window into your life and all your good ideas...thank you!


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