Thursday, July 28, 2011

We said goodbye to the highland cows

For over a year now, I have been scared of the highland cows. Our 2 original ones are terribly feisty and often come running towards us really fast. They always stop but with those huge horns it totally freaks me out.
They were all pets, who we had planned to have here for ever, just hanging around, eating grass and looking pretty, but it had got to the stage that I wouldn't even go into the paddock with them and Lloyd wasn't much more confident ( but braver than me!) 
So we made the tough decision that we'd find another home for them. But it had to be a home where they were going to be pets, with someone who had more experience than us and the 4 of them had to stay together. We though it was going to be really hard to find someone, but as is often the case, when things are meant to be it was really simple.
When we were getting our new drain dug, the driver would come each morning, start up his digger and while it was warming up he'd wander down to chat with and pat the highland cows. He loved them. We mentioned that we were looking for a home for them and he jumped at the chance! He came back with his wife so she could meet them as well, then yesterday the highlands went off to live with lovely Steve.

I felt like a weight had lifted.

It is sad when you start something with such good intentions but learn that it's not working and have to make some tough decisions.

So at the moment we are totally cowless at the farm. It feels sort of odd, it will be nice to get some calves later in the year and start again with the feeding up. It's very therapeutic having cows mooching around the place.


  1. I don't blame you for getting rid of them, even though it was hard. I'm so glad you found them a good home!

    I'd be afraid of those hornes too! We were afraid of our rooster! (he's gone now) When someone offered us a male jersey calf for a pet, we said no thank you. lol!

    That is a very nice picture!

  2. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for this, we have been tossing up between the highlands and Dexters for our place. We have been leaning towards the Dexters anyway but was good to read this.
    A brave decision on your part I think.

  3. Aww that's sad, but I guess you must feel it was a good decision. I'm sure they will be happy in their new home. I think I'd be pretty wary of those horns too! cheers Wendy

  4. thanks ladies, it's hard to come to these decisions sometimes, but I feel for us it had to be done. Anne - I'm sure there are lots of people who own highland cows will have lovely calm ones! But 2 of ours just weren't - 2 were though! Good luck with your dexters - I like the idea of no horns! and have heard lots of absolutely lovely things about dexters. xx

  5. I am glad those lovely cows have a new home, but sad for you. Love the photo.

  6. You know it isn't working when you get scared. We too have had to make similar decisions and it is always hard. So pleased they are going to be loved 'cause they are mighty handsome. Thanks for the link - I feel very special!

  7. Laura'smum9:06 pm

    Good that they went before you left on holiday. You will have unusually empty fields till you get the next lot of baby cows to fatten up!
    Hope the alpacas won't be lonely  -  maybe they'll enjoy having all the space to them selves!

    Talk to you when you get back from Bali
    lots of love mumxx

  8. Thanks for stopping by the past couple of days...
    Im glad you have found a new home for the cattle...a worry gone, and good to know they will be looked after can look forward to getting some tamer breeds that wont scare the pants of you!

  9. A brave but tough decision, I think youve done the right thing though. friends of ours have Dexters and Jerseys and theyre much friendlier - and just as handsome1
    Have a great time in Bali, im looking forward to the photos :)

  10. They certainly look cuddly-er than they are. Thank goodness for the camera!

  11. I don't blame you, you have to be confident around your animals. We pass a farm, on our way to church, that has 2 Highland Cows. I love their shagginess. I am of Scottish heritage, so it always makes me happy to see them.

    Blessings from Ohio/USA, Kim<><


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