Sunday, September 18, 2011

Around the garden this morning.

After a breakfast of the most amazing scrambled eggs ( I truly do have the best chickens in the world!) I went for a wee wander around the garden.

We have asparagus! This bed is now 2 years old. Last year I didn't pick any so all the energy could go back into the crowns. This year there are actually some really good, strong looking spears, so I reckon asparagus is on the cards for tomorrow night's dinner. If I look after this bed well it should keep us in asparagus for the next 15 years.

The potatoes are in, thanks to Silje who planted them all for us. Hasn't she done an amazing job. Hopefully when they come back in November she'll see the plants!

The wild flower bed is already blooming, Far too early, I reckon as I've no idea if there will be anything left by summer. Lesson learned! Sow the seeds much later next year.
The poppies are beautiful though.

Wee Kopi Cat always follows me around the garden. Here she is keeping watch, guarding the veggie patch.

Oh and on a totally different note!
We went over to Russell for the Oyster Festival yesterday. It was really good and amazingly the rain stayed off. AND the Tongan world cup rugby team came too. The children at the local primary school welcomed them as they got off the ferry with a haka and some singing. Then the team signed lots of autographs. 
it was really cool.

I have to admit to sort of liking rugby, I've been to a few games and also worked in a rugby club bar when I was a student, but I am amazed by how caught up in the World Cup I've got. New Zealand is putting on an amazing show and really making us all proud to live here. The visiting teams have all been completely embraced in the most lovely way. Yes, we all feel very happy right now!


  1. Your farm is looking really pretty at the moment. Loving the world cup.

  2. Is there anything as picturesque, welcoming, homely, or attractive as a cat on a post in your own garden? The colourful confusion of the rugby team and their young fans make the last photo a beauty too.

  3. What gorgeous poppies, Laura. Trampled eggs are a wonderful feast aren't they? Did you get to eat some oysters?

    Hope you're having a lovely day,
    Love Sue

  4. Anonymous11:37 am

    I can't wait until the weather settles here and the soils warms up to plant more seedlings.I thought it had but hasn't it been cold and showery again!
    A beautiful blog Laura. I especially like the cottage.

  5. What a cool looking garden!

  6. Anonymous3:50 pm

    The asparagus looks good, so do the eggs.

  7. Sue, I didn't have an oysters as I don't actually like them at all!! Everyone else had a lot. Thanks everyone. the garden is looking pretty good just now, just got a bit of weeding to do here and there, though!!

  8. What a time of year. I have a cat who looks just like yours and she follows me on my rambles too. Her favourite is brushing up into the camera just as I am about to take a photo. Funny things...

  9. Oysters, blurgh! Wish the Scallop festival was up here instead of Whitianga, I luuuurve my scollies!

    Loving the World Cup too! Can't wait for Wednesday's game.

    (Love your poppy photos)


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