Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rain and wind! Typical spring weather.

We've also had a bit of thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure.
I'm not complaining, though, as the rain has kick started the grass back into life and finally it's growing again. Whew! We may be able to get some new calves sooner than I thought.

We've had a couple of Helpexers here for the last 10 days or so. Silje and Jon from Norway and we are seriously considering not letting them leave tomorrow. They have worked so hard for us it's been a joy to have them around. They are totally lovely, really funny and Silje is a great cook!
They have a brill blog HERE of their travels so far. It's in Norwegian, of course, but if you do THIS it will translate into English, cos I don't know about you, but my Norwegian is a little rusty non- existent!
We will miss them big time, but hopefully they will come back for a wee holiday before they go back to Norway! ( please come back, guys!) 

I am heading down to Whangarei tonight for one of the Rugby World Cup matches. Canada v Tonga. I'm very excited about it!

Spring is still springing..

I think I may have seeded out the wild flower bed too early this year, as already poppys are flowering! If they keep this up there'll be no flowers for summer. 
Oh and, very exciting, Lloyd's mum and my mum are arriving in 2 weeks! Yippee!


  1. We've got the awful wind but alas no rain as we really need it. It's always puzzled me why so many people get married in spring - the autumn weather is so much more reliable!

  2. Your photography is amazing.

  3. I really like your photos! We had hail yesterday.

  4. How nice to have house guest and want them to go. I enjoyed your photos.

  5. Anonymous10:33 am

    As always, your pictures are beautiful. As for the Rugby World Cup - go Canada!! Sorry, I had to do it. I totally understand if you don't publish this comment.

  6. haha Mel, It was a brilliant game - and BOTH teams were hugely supported by the Kiwis - lots of Canadian flags. I think the Canadian team have been amazing, actually, they've been very visible, taking the time to go round lots of the local schools, playing wee games of rugby with the local girls team! They've been great. At the match last night all the fans were just muddled in together and having fun. It was so cool!

  7. I'll be checking in with you and your spring weather more often, we had our first frost last night and not prepared for winter yet! The daisies are wonderful! Good Day from South Dakota,USA!


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