Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rugby World Cup fever!

New Zealand is hosting the Rugby World Cup this year.
Rugby is like a religion in NZ and the All Blacks are gods! This is a HUGE deal for everyone here.
 Northland, where we live, is hosting the Tongan, Japanese and Canadian teams. With these three teams having red flags the towns have gone for a "Paint it Red' theme and there are all the national flags flying alongside the silver fern and the New Zealand flag. The Canadian team have been busy travelling round local schools. It's been really lovely.
I am going down to the Big Smoke ( Whangarei) on Wednesday to watch Tonga play Canada.

Last night was the opening ceremony and it made me so proud to be a McKiwi. It was simply amazing.
These photos are all from the part of the ceremony that was down at the waterfront in Auckland. I took them with my iphone from the tv!!

The firework display was amazing.
Then there was the opening match. The All Blacks v Tonga. The opening haka and the sipi tau from the Tongans were brilliant! All Blacks won.


  1. Brilliant shots Laura.
    Enjoy the RWC won't you - I just love the haka!! cheers Wendy

  2. And over here, when we lose as we will, we can feel good about our cousins over the ditch winning. :)

  3. Lovin' the RWC!!! Whangarei is jumping!

  4. We watched it on TV, go the All Blacks.

  5. Awesome---LOVE the pictures. You can just sense the excitement. I also love this because when I was an exchange student to Argentina, another student from NZ had us do one of the opening game "dances" for an international presentation---it was awesome! ;)


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