Sunday, October 02, 2011

Auckland Trip

It was a flying visit of an overnighter, but we packed a lot in.
We were really keen to see what's going on down at the Waterfront for the RWC and we weren't disappointed. The work that has gone on down at the quays is amazing. They've built quite a lot new things, some permanent like bars and restaurants and some temporary like the "cloud' and the rugby ball.
 This is one of the pedestrian areas down at the Quay.

The Cloud - it's a temporary structure especially for the Rugby World Cup. Read more here

Along the pedestrian areas are play parks for children,  sculptures, bars, restaurants and there are plans for apartments.

They've used a lot of lighting effects to make things look really interesting at night.

Finally, the famous rugby ball!

So that was Wednesday night. It was lovely because we met up with a friend who is away working on super yachts. His boat happened to be in Auckland when we were down so we all had dinner together - lovely to see you, Tom!

On Thursday we were picking up the mums but had all morning to do whatever we wanted. We had a lovely breakfast of eggs benedict and then decided, as it was such a lovely day, we'd go to Cromwell Park and up One Tree Hill to see the views of Auckland from the top. It was great and here we are at the summit.

Then it was time to drive to the airport and get the mums! It's great to see them. ( the weather is now beyond rubbish though!)


  1. Enjoy the time with the mums! Beautiful photos of Auckland. We have some fond memories of the times we lived there!

  2. Looks like the place is a buzz. A real party atmosphere! Amazing what they have managed to do to the quay area.

  3. That's it, we are definitely going down for a visit before the RWC ends :) Looks awesome!

    Yes, weather is complete s***te :(

  4. Anonymous4:34 pm

    The pictures are gorgeous. Have fun with the mums!!

  5. Glad you had a nice time.

  6. The cloud looks really amazing. And much jealous of the sunshine in the last pic. The weather is gross, although I hear that Russell is really glad to get rain as they were buying water!


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