Monday, October 10, 2011

Kerikeri Basin

We had a nice, calm day yesterday. We all wandered around the Sunday Farmers Market in Kerikeri then went down to the Basin to go to the Stone Store - which is lovely, and Kemp House.

There's also a great art installation down in the inlet - a giant plug!
It's been done by a local artist called Helen Jean and we think it's totally brilliant!


  1. What a lovely way to spend Sunday

  2. Lovely pictures.

  3. Jennie H10:11 am

    Hi Laura its Jennie out at Coopers Beach - just wanted to congratulate you on a great Blog! My 2 daughters have Lloyd as their dentist and his lovely dental nurse reminded me about your blog on Friday. Your recipes comments and photos are so inspiring...we only have a small plot but if you cant eat it we dont plant it and your blog is really encouraging!
    Another reason for contacting you is that I have about 30 back issues of the British Edition of "Country Living Magazine" My hubby keeps tripping over them as he gets into bed and they really do need to go so I couldnt think of a better home for them. If you would like them look me up as the Famous Blue Chair B&B Coopers Beach. I am out your way on Wednesday so I could drop them off.
    Once adgain just want to say how much I enjoyed reading your blog - you remind me of ME!
    Speak soon Jennie


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