Thursday, October 27, 2011


Woke up this morning to yet another glorious day. It really feels like spring now and it's warming up nicely.
All my wee seedlings are finally looking like they are actually growing and I've got quite a lot in the veggie garden now. I've also been sorting out the irrigation ~ which is an absolute necessity during the summer months.

Yesterday we went diving. Got up nice and early and were out on the water by 8am. As usual, the bay was just beautiful and the diving spectacular. 
Dan caught an octopus. He took it up to let Lloyd see it, then we put it back and it swam off, quite the thing!


  1. my cupboards are the same color, style and handles as yours!

    that octopus is just gross!

  2. Love the photo of the sun streaming in the kitchen. I can't say I like the octopus, How could he let that thing crawl over him YUK.

  3. Ha-ha, if I had to put a caption to the octopus photo it would be the octopus saying "look I caught a human!"

  4. I saw a movie like that once, it was called ALIEN.........eeeekkkkk

  5. You have such a beautiful kitchen. Love the pink fridge. x

  6. I'm not sure how I'd feel about an octopus stuck to my head.... but, I am glad to see a photo of it. I've never been diving (living in landlocked Montana and all), but I will some day. I've always thought it would be fun.


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