Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Melting moments/Yoyos

We took the mums down to Auckland yesterday and waved them off. As usual we can't believe how quickly their trip went. We had such plans, but the weather was against us for a lot of their stay so things like kiwi watching and boating have been put off until next time.
We did, however, have an amazing time while they were here. We even got them into watching the rugby.
Hopefully my mum will be back in February and Lloyd's parents will come out again soon as well.

So, today is the first day I've been home alone for three weeks. I gave the house a right good clean, then it was a choice between mowing the lawns or making melting moments. Melting moments won - not least because it came on torrential rain. ( story of the last month !)

Here's what I did.

for biscuit 

Preheat oven to 150
and line a large baking tray

190g butter - softened
60g icing sugar
1 vanilla pod
38g cornflour
210g plain flour

Put icing sugar, butter and vanilla into a bowl and either beat or use your hands until it's all smooth. 
 Add cornflour and combine with buttery mixture. I used my hands.
 Add the flour and blend well.

By now a lovely ball of dough should have formed.
Using your hands roll the mixture into either 40 small balls or 20 larger ones - I did 20 larger ones.

Then using a glass slightly flatten the balls then use a fork to press them down.
Put in the preheated oven for 20 - 30 minutes. The base should be getting just a hint of colour.
Cool on the tray for 10 minutes then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

150g icing sugar
45g softened butter
3 1/2 tea spoons lemon juice

Beat these ingredients together until smooth.

Put around a teaspoon of the filling onto the flat side of one of the biscuits then top with another.
Voila !


  1. Those look good.

    I'm guessing icing sugar is what we in the US call powdered sugar?

  2. Yes, I think so! its the really light fluffy sugar.

  3. They look delicious! I can't wait to get home! xxx

  4. I promise I'll try not to eat them all! ( they are pretty big and if I did that I would most likely be sick and it would serve me right!)

  5. Yum, these look delicious. i havent had yo-yos for years.
    I'll have to give this recipe a go for sure. x

  6. They look good I think I will bake them tomorrow.

  7. They look delicious. You captured the process beautifully!

  8. OK I'm coming over for a cup of tea, and melting moments.

  9. Yum. I would eat them all in one sitting! Love Melting Moments :)

    Yes, really hope this weather gets itself over and done with! We are heading up to the Bay of Islands Wine and Food Festival on Saturday and I will not be impressed if it buckets it down - I've been looking forward to this for ages :)

  10. Yummy! These are one of my all time favourite bikkies :)

  11. I am loving this recipe. They look like light little pillows. I can't wait to make these. Thank you!!

  12. They look delicious.

  13. These look delicious.

    Sue xx


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