Monday, November 07, 2011

Cuteness Overload!

The chicks are doing great. All 8 of them are out and about from under mum and exploring their wee home. I'll open the door of the nesting bit they're in, maybe tomorrow, to let them explore further, then in about 3 weeks they'll get out properly. Maybe a bit longer as they seem to be super tiny. I'm not one of those brave folk that let their chicks wander around with the big ones from day one. I'm a terrible wimp and keep them with their mum in their own enclosure until they are a bit bigger and a lot less fragile looking. It obviously works as I've never lost a chick yet. I shouldn't have said that, as now I'm totally tempting fate. Forget I mentioned it!
Now... let me introduce you...

 Oh look, I've got a tiny sawdust hat on.

" So, anyway, I said to her...."
"No, you didn't"

 What is this thing?

 Oh, it my foot, excellent.

Now, if I hide right in the middle, here, she'll never see me. Will she?


  1. What adorable little chicks you have. I love their dialog. :-)

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hahaha, they are so funny and cute! Just lovely!

  3. Oh very cute! They'll be small because they are part-araucana, a light breed. You can see they have slight fluffiness under their beaks like araucanas.

  4. Very cute! I think you do the right thing keeping them with just mummy for a bit!

  5. So cute, they're looking good.

  6. They are adorable. Marvellous shots.

  7. It's the right thing to keep them with just their Mum for at least 3 or 4 weeks.

    I've done it both ways and I've found that they grow too quickly if you let them out with 'the big girls' too soon and they don't get enough Chick Crumb to cope with the rapid growth as all the others pinch it.

    My latest chicks are very bonded with Mum because I gave them 4 weeks together, although they all (mum and chicks) seem to think of me as second mum as they wait for me to take them to bed in the big hen house each night although they are perfectly capable of making it up the ramp.

    Yours are absolutely gorgeous well done on all 8 surviving so far.

    Sue xx

  8. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Too cute!!

  9. They are adorable! And you're right to keep them safe as long as you can. Its not like they need character building by being out with the big girls...

  10. Anonymous3:57 pm

    I love chickens, what breed are they.

    We have 6 chickens at the moment and 15 more in the incubator. Our hens are hopeless at hatching the chicks themselves!


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