Friday, December 16, 2011

Note to self...

Do not leave dogs unattended when there are presents under the tree!
I'm fairly certain this was Brodie, it has him written all over it, that and one of the presents he'd opened was to me from him! Thankfully the only thing damaged was the paper so I have re wrapped them. Obviously the one to me is no longer a surprise but I'll work hard on my amnesia.

I am, however, incredibly pleased with this - new candelabra. About 2 years ago Lloyd and I came to the decision that we wouldn't put a fire in here. The regulations meant that we'd either have to remove the mantlepiece and part of the wall - or have the fire sticking way out. Neither appealed, so after 'thinking' about this for eons, we decided to just sheet out the fireplace in tongue and groove. Sitting in this space had been a piece of driftwood that we just sat candles on. (I've just realised that if you go to the previous post you can actually see the chunk of wood in one of the Christmas tree photos). Anyway, two days ago I saw this in a shop - and after thinking about it, almost constantly, I went and bought it today. I love it!
Anyone else treated themselves to something recently?


  1. yep, two white hydrangea bushes, Blushing Bride, small white pom poms that do the second flowering thing...fabulous. I splurged.
    the wrought iron looks right at home there...fills the space perfectly...

  2. I treated myself to a white hydrangea last year - its done so well! Well done, you! xx

  3. Ohh naughty puppy dog.
    Your fireplace looks great, the candle display is very pretty. x

  4. Naughty naughty boy!. It looks great, the perfect solution. I treated myself last week and the treat STILL hasn't arrived. I'm getting pretty impatient now...

  5. Thanks Zara xx

    Alison, hope your treat comes soon!

  6. Sadly money to splurge on anything. Have no fear I can vicariously live through you :)

    The fireplace now looks perfecto!

  7. i love that your dog did that :)

  8. Oh naughty (but cute!) puppy! And I love the candles - they look beautiful!

    Katie x


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