Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vegetables galore ( Almost!)

That's a bit of a fib really as the only thing ready are courgettes. BUT it's only a matter of time. Not long till we have sweetcorn, peas, chillis, tomatoes and all the other bits and bobs. However, just need to be patient for now.
Sweetcorn - getting there

Barlotti beans - our favourite!

I only planted barlotti bean seeds - some dwarf and some normal, tall ones. However, I seem to have rather a lot of red flowers - now in my incredibly meagre knowledge - these look like scarlet runners to me? Anyone?  I must admit I'll be rather disappointed if they are scarlet runners as I'm not a big fan.
(and I flipping BOUGHT these!) The dwarf plants have barlotti beans on them but they were sort of hidden so I didn't see the flowers, but I'm sure last year they were a lovely lilac. We shall see...

I love how the beans are using the sweetcorn to climb up. They are on a trellis but some obviously prefer the more organic approach.

These tomatoes are "Black Krims', an old heirloom tomato which  I haven't grown before. I thought they might be nice for a bit of a colour difference. I've also planted some black cherry ones this year.  

A pepper/capsicum going red already.

The courgette which is looking lovely and is really prolific ( as usual!) I went back to green this year. Last year I had yellow ones, but we like the green ones better!

wee Cos lettuces

 This is exciting! My luffa/lufah/loofa has teeny, tiny flowers on it. I've never grown one of these before so I am really keen to get a lufah and dry it out. One would be nice, more would be amazing. I only planted one plant this year as a total experiment, but it seems to be growing really well, so I'm very pleased. 

 Passion fruit - another huge favourite of ours. They, quite literally, grow like a weed in our garden, This is a self seeded one which is totally gigantic and laden with fruit, there are pounds and pounds on it. Bad news is, it can't stay where it is - it's growing up the water tank and wrapping itself round our gutters, so after this year I'm going to have to remove it - pity. Thankfully I do have another one - planted on purpose - growing beautifully up it's very own, purpose built, trellis.

 The flowers are cool too

So all in all I'm very pleased with how things are going on the growing food front. Less pleased about the terrible weather forecast we have for the start of the year... gales and rain warnings - oh joy.


  1. Your garden look prolific, I hope the gales stay away for New Year.

  2. Hi, yes those red flowered beans look like scarlet runners.

    Have just stumbled onto your blog and love love love it :)

  3. yeah, I feared as much :( Lloyd will just have to eat them!

  4. Gosh! What lovely veggies. We harvested lots of gooseberries yesterday. Now what to do with them...

  5. It's look great out there Laura.


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