Monday, January 30, 2012

Girls night out!

I've just had the most lovely girls night away. Three of us went down to Auckland and met up with another friend then went to one of the concerts at Villa Maria Winery. The sun shone, the bands were good ( a total 80's blast from the past!), picnics on the grass were lovely and the company was perfect. We danced our socks off...

 ... and had a ball. 

 and so did everyone else!

To make it even more perfect I came home to beautifully mown lawns and some ugly trees gone - the fairies must have been here, either that or poor Lloyd worked his socks off, I think it was the latter. I have a good husband.


  1. Ahh - the best kind of night out - coming home to even more loveliness...

  2. Sounds just perfect. xx

  3. Hi Laura, I love your blog and have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award over at my blog!! Thanks for the great read, I sure do enjoy your posts! Cheers Julia xx

  4. How wonderful! I just adore going to concerts! (I love to dance) And good husbands too, of course!

  5. LOL!! I've got that exact same shade of nail polish!!


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