Thursday, February 02, 2012

Have you ever done anything really stupid?

This is Sweetheart..

 So named because of the little heart shaped marking on his forehead...obviously, I mean what else would you call a boy cow with a heart on his head? 

Anyway, this was fine when he was just one of the herd that would be here for 18 months, then head off somewhere else for finishing, before going to the big cow paddock in the sky. However, our cow plans have changed. Quiet and lovely as the group was, they had absolutely no respect for fences, electric or otherwise and had taken a real liking to our neighbours property. His grass is exactly the same as ours, but half the steers liked it better. It was stressful and totally unfair on our neighbour so we decided to sell them. Except one... the one that had never strayed from our farm, the one that looked totally different to all the others ( who were white clones) And what is this one lucky steer being kept for you might ask? 


Tears are inevitable and there is not a hope in hell that I will be able to eat one grain of mince.

So naming your dinner Sweetheart...up there with the many, many stupid things I have done.


  1. A very cute little boy! It's a very difficult concept isn't it, eating meat that you've raised much better for you though than shop bought!

  2. it definitely is :) I'm not a huge meat eater at the best of times, but I would rather know where my steak has come from - the theory is brilliant - it's the reality of it I find really hard!

  3. Sweet heart is one beautiful steer. He will have the whole paddock to himself now. He will be in knee high clover.

  4. How could you not name him he is such a cutie.

  5. We raise all our own meat.
    Everyone is born here on the farm and given a fitting name within a few days.
    Our last steer to send to freezer camp was Yorick,my first born bull calf...such a very hard day knowing I helped his mother birth him,raised him for 30 months and he loved us enough to come running with a call of his name.
    I will say that I would never not name them,they all deserve a name.

    It will not get heart goes out to you,I know the feeling.

  6. Yup, it's a BIG problem when you live in the suburbs and the number of animals you're allowed to keep is so limited that you have more names than fauna... so whilst I've 'done the deed' for a number of our hens (and hatched roosters), I've never been able to convince the family to dine on them... so they feed the earth instead of feeding our stomachs. I get mortified looks from my children and cries of, 'We CAN'T EAT Annabel!'

  7. Change his name to Sweetmeat!! :D

  8. I hear you Laura. I really struggle with it, all ours still get names! And a huge congratulations, you go girl! Alison

  9. If you eat meat this is the only way to do it in my opinion.

    You will know he has had a good life, you will know what he has eaten throughout that life and you will know he was respected enough to have his own name.

    If you eat meat you owe the animal a good life, and that is exactly what you are doing.

    It is hard, even Lovely Hubby finds it hard sometimes, but then he tucks in with gusto and all thoughts vanish.

    Love him while you have him, use him well when he is no more, it would probably help if you have him completely processed and packaged before you pop him into the freezer!!

    Sue xx

  10. PS forgot to say, I found the most glorious hand made 50s style dress on the net yesterday, would have looked gorgeous with farm boots down by the dam. Then the computer crashed and I've lost the link. I'm telling you, I would have looked Gorgeous (with a capital G)...

  11. oh Alison, you HAVE to find it!!it sounds perfect!

  12. Oh, was just writing on Alisons comments how as kids our cows like family members, we named them the end they were dinner :0

  13. Sweetheart is nice ....I like Valentino too. Susan


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