Saturday, March 17, 2012

Couldn't resist!

While Lloyd's away the dogs will play! Well that's not exactly true as they play all the time with Lloyd when he's here!
However, yesterday I thought I'd get them a little treat of a porky hide bone. They're so funny with them. Brodie takes his off to a space on the deck and chews away contentedly. Lulah plonks herself any old place and eats hers in a frenzy and is finished in about 10 minutes. Bob, clever. sneaky, Bob takes his and sits with it just in front of him. He doesn't touch it, not even the tiniest of wee licks until Lulah has finished hers, then he sits and chomps it in front of her. He can't help the in front of her bit because she goes and lies about 1cm from his face as he eats!

I love how they hold them in their wee feet!


  1. Very cute!!

    Have a great weekend Laura. xxoo

  2. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Silly puppies.

  3. My dogs eat them their own way too. Sophie the Collie just gets stuck in, Suky the pug attacks it joyously, plays with it and then eats as much as she can before the other dogs pinch it off her. Rosy, the Jack Russell, sits guarding it for an hour or so and then goes and buries it outside or hides it inside if the door is closed and then sits and guards the hiding place for the rest of the day until she can last no longer then she eats one knotted end and the middle and leaves the other knot alone.

    Sue xx

  4. I think they are men dressed in dog suits...loollllooo
    Great photos.

  5. Suzanne, you got me! they are men in dog suits!

  6. Oh, so gorgeous. My faithful companion died about 5 years ago, and whilst my husband has been urging me to buy another dog, I just cannot bear to. It would seem like such a betrayal. They really do seem almost like people, don't they?

  7. ADORABLE. I get the biggest kick out of our dogs too and I agree with you, it's so neat to see them getting after something they love so much :)


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