Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mum has gone home

We had such a brilliant time. but it was too short, as usual. She stayed for three weeks, but it still flew past. For her last couple of days the 2 of us went down to Auckland. We stayed at the Langham ( mum's treat!) and it was excellent as usual. On Tuesday evening we went to Euro for dinner. A week or so ago I read on Sue's blog that she and Joe had been and it looked amazing. It was. Lovely!

 We both had the duck to start, and I had an eye fillet for main and mum had a scallop risotto - but sadly after all this we were too full for one of their amazing looking deserts - ho hum, will just have to go back again!

There is a yacht race happening down in Auckland just now so the Viaduct has lots going on, the atmosphere was amazing. Lloyd is lucky enough to be sailing down tonight with friends and will spend the next 5 days living it up down there. I am staying at home to animal sit! There were even more spectacular yachts than usual in the marina.

We also did a wee bit of shopping and dropped in to Sabato, which has to be my almost all time favourite deli - only beaten into first place by Valvona and Corolla in Edinburgh.

I bought some spoils to keep me going while Lloyd is away and to cheer me up after mum left. She'll be back again in November, though!


  1. Hope you have a lovely time indulging yourself, those deli spoils look like my idea of a good time (and I looove having the place to myself!). We spent our weekend looking at big boats too, there is certainly some money out there...

  2. I love hearing how some girls have such great times with their are very lucky...enjoy all those goodies while you are home looking after the animals... :)

  3. How wonderful that you had such a nice visit with your Mom!


  4. How wonderful to get a chunk of time together but I can imagine it's incredibly hard to have her return home. Hope the animals keep you entertained (but not TOO much so) while Lloyd is away!


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