Tuesday, April 03, 2012

My weekend!

I went down to Auckland - well Red Beach/Takapuna with Carol and Anna so that they and a lot of the people I swim with could take part in the last swim of the Ocean Series. It was brilliant fun!

A bright early start... there were around 1,000 competitors.

This is the 5th wave of swimmers for the 2.8km swim. Carol, Anna and the others are somewhere in here!

The New Zealand waterpolo team were swimming to raise funds. 

The winners did it in around the 40 minute mark. Amazing! No idea how they can swim that fast.  Admittedly the winner of the ladies is in the Australian Olympic team!

I wasn't going to do the race anyway as I just get far too nervous! But I seem to have rather stuffed my shoulder. Supposedly it's quite a common thing for people that swim to do, I'm putting it down to flipping old age! So I've been sent for x rays and an ultrasound. Need to get to the bottom of it as I'm not really supposed to swim till it's fixed - we shall see though!!


  1. Thanks for the photo of the polo team, quite the best thing I've seen all day! Hope the shoulder improves and you can get back swimming soon.

  2. yes, that was one for the ladies! :)

  3. Hope the shoulder heals very quickly.

  4. Oh yes a big thank you from me for the
    po-OHHH-lo team!! :D Hope you're should is okay...but now back to those boys.. mmmm yummohhhh!

  5. funnily enough, Sue I was thinking you'd like them when I was posting it! :)

  6. How fun! I do hope your shoulder gets squared away though so that you can get back to joining in! Have a great day!

  7. What a great event to watch and I can't believe how fast they swim either! Hope the shoulder improves and you can get back to it soon.


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