Thursday, May 03, 2012

Herbie is HUGE

I can't believe how quickly he's growing. And becoming so playful. Cocoa is due to have her cria any day now, in fact shes a tiny bit overdue. She's looking totally huge though! But I so hope she hurries up as poor Herbie really needs someone to play with. The mummy alpacas don't really appreciate him jumping all over them and generally leaping around!

See how he's grown! flipping gigantic!

He's just pretending to eat! He hasn't actually tried the lucerne pellet thingies yet but he does eat lots of grass and drink lots of mlk!

This is Cocoa, looking very pleased with herself, I so hope this means she's thinking about having her cria today, pretty please!

 When I went out to feed them this morning, the boys were already waiting by their trough, but the ladies were nowhere to be seen, they like it down at the far end of the paddock ( which will all stop by the end of this weekend as we're making a new fence so we can have a nursery area. It'll make it easier to keep an eye on them too.) but back to the point! They were nowhere to be seen, so I yelled "ladies!"  and they came running!
Vienna and Herbie first and way in the distance you might be able to see Cocoa and just over the bank, invisible is Truffle. They run really fast to get their breakfast!

Oh and remember I showed you a photo of poor old Abagail all bald, well look - already her feathers are coming in rather nicely.

And now I better go - it's a stunning day and I have so much to do - I need to strim/weedwhack(?) a whole fence length so that will take forever! Then rush to the supermarket for more food to give Banana - he is eating like you wouldn't believe! Then I have a swimming lesson - in an attempt to modify my stroke so I can still swim without knackering my shoulder further... then off to Paihia for the Dive club meeting - no way will I have time to mow the grass ( secret whew!)


  1. Anonymous7:04 am

    I love that they come running when you call "ladies!"

    1. I know, it's funny! They are in a huge paddock right now so if they're at the far end I can't see them. We're building a fence to make it a bit smaller...

  2. Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you....what a shame you have no time to mow the grass :-)

    Lovely photos.

    Sue xx

    1. haha! I didn't think it was a shame! (But I did actually get half of it done!)


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