Thursday, May 17, 2012

A lufah and a UFO

Remember I was really disappointed and thought we had not a single lufah from my very prolific vine?
( realised the reason was not enough long warm days and sun, rather we had a lot of rainy, wet days, not a lot of heat and not much sun!) Well.... I was out in the veggie garden deciding if I should cut my losses and just take the vine down, when I saw a lufah! Whoohoo - it's not huge, about 30cm long and not terribly thick, but I am thrilled to bits with it. I'll let it dry out for a good bit longer, then take it off. If nothing else I'll be able to dry the seeds for next year. Surely we can't have 2 terrible summers in a row.

Here it is in all it's glory.

The rainbow chard is coming up rather nicely as well. I love the colours. I'm not a massive fan of eating it, but Lloyd and the chickens are!

We've been having the most miserable spell of weather, truly horrible, very windy, lots of incredibly heavy rain and even some hail. The only thing  I love about it is the thunder and lightning!
However, the weather can't dampen the trees colours. Just gorgeous.

I love how they stand out on the grass...

And the UFO? Unfinished Object.
I am joining Sue on her challenge to finish one UFO by Tuesday next week ( So, I better get my finger out!) I have some lovely fabric that I want to make a wee smocked dress out of ( I wear them with jeans - not as a dress - I hate my legs and don't own a skirt or a proper dress) I've just cut it out now, and will start sewing it today.

Or maybe tomorrow...

Oh and I wanted to say 'HI' to Maggie at The Station Masters Cottage! I've been reading her blog pretty much since she started, not least cos we were both in Glasgow before we moved here and our lives seem pretty much identical! BUT Maggie - I can't comment on your blog to say hi. I know you read this ( thanks and *blush* cos you said nice things about me!) but I want to return the favour! Anyway, I am glued to your blog and await updates with baited breath. xx

much later...
ok I started it, but I got the tension wrong on  the elastic so will have to do an awful lot of it again. Oh poo.
Still, at least I started it.


  1. Good luck with the UFO, I'll be making a start tomorrow here after we've done farmy stuff :D

    1. well I was going to make a start and I haven't yet!! Dunno where the days gone. You've spurred me on though, so I'll go and start the smocking now!

  2. How exciting to have your own home grown loofah!! It has been so wet here that the slugs are out in force.. I was so pleased this morning to see that there were no new plant deaths...
    Love the UFO idea I'm going to hop across...

    1. I found that since we've had ducks I hardly have any snails in the garden. The ducks sort of snuffle round the edges of things where snails like to hide. It's great!

      My UFO is annoying me now! I'mm going to give it a rest today!

  3. Sadly no space at home for chickens or ducks and not allowed at my allotment thus my dream of your paradise... So I encourage frogs and hedghogs and they do their best but not as greedy as ducks I suppose... it's not normally a problem but right now too many upwardly mobile slimy souls around... yeah have a day off your UFO...


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