Monday, May 28, 2012

A very sleepy Monday

We have crammed so much stuff into the last few days.
The first great and interesting thing we did was go for a guided night walk of the Puketi Forest. Home of the giant Kauri tree and lots of other fascinating things.

We saw Kauri snails

Cave wetas and bush wetas

Fresh water cray fish, and heard Kiwis, moreporks and bats. It was incredible to be in the forest as the sun set and it got dark. The guided walk lasts for 2 hours ( on our trip we were the only people and lucky for us the walk lasted just over three hours!) We went with  Adventure Puketi and I can't recommend them highly enough. If anyone is coming up this direction for a holiday or lives here already I'd add it to  things you must do!

Then on Saturday we went out diving again. The weather was glorious and the water was as flat as a pancake. With just a little chill in the air. After the dive we went back to Rob and Sam's yacht, had a hot shower ( height of luxury) and then cooked the crays we'd caught and had them for dinner. It was late and pitch dark by the time we got home very tired but happy.

Rob about to tuck in!

Yesterday I headed down to Whangarei with Melanie from Frugal Kiwi to the Chicken and Poultry Show. It's held every year and each year I'm more blown away by all the different breeds of chickens on show.

I was barely home when Lloyd and I headed out again and over to Danny and Paula's, originally just to meet up and have a beach walk with them, their lovely labrador, Wilson, and our three dogs. But Danny invited us to stay for dinner, and you'd be mad to turn down an offer of dinner as Danny is the best chef I know - Danny AND Lloyd!
He cooked us a pohutakawa smoked crayfish risotto. I have never tasted a better risotto in my life.
Again, we arrived home well into the darkness, tired but happy - making a habit of this!

Today I haven't even bothered to get dressed!


  1. you have had an interesting time I love listening to the wildlife at night here and if I ever get to travel to your neck of the woods I will certainly look them up.

    1. it was such a brilliant thing to do - and we learned an awful lot as well!

  2. Anonymous8:03 pm

    There's only one thing I can say really..... I am sooooooo totallly JEALOUS!
    xx Susan

    1. I know *blush* sometimes I really do pinch myself that this is our life.

  3. I loved ready today's entry. It made me a wee bit home sick for nz. To make this a bit back to front we are Aussie who lived in nz for 9 years had our own kiwi while there and now moved back to oz. nz holds a very special place in our hearts and read and seeing your photos brings those amazing times back.
    Thank you so much.

  4. well, we have a wee cottage you'd be welcome to stay in if you need a nz fix!!

  5. Sounds absolutely wonderful!! ;)


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