Monday, June 04, 2012

oops! Lack of posting!

 It's the queens birthday weekend and I've been lucky enough to be on a wee holiday. I've spent the long weekend with Northland Dive, diving in the most stunning weather imaginable. The diving was incredible.
Now I am well tired and have no photos!

I'll try to get some from the other people and let you see, but for now I think I may have to go for a wee lie down!

Next day.....
Ok, I have a few photos to show you (Mum, don't worry, I'm always safe!) I didn't take any of the diving photos, all credit goes to Northland Dive. Thank you loads for letting me use them.

 We went out on 2 boats and this is the other boat getting all kitted up before diving.

The Canterbury

Sunrise on the way home, Monday morning.

Thank you Northland Dive and "Botany Bay Bottom Scratchers'!


  1. Even without the photos I can imagine how awesome it was. Glad you had a fantastic day. xx Susan


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