Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Kerikeri Half Marathon

Last year Lloyd decided that he would run the Kerikeri half marathon. I thought this was kind of brave as even though Lloyd is pretty fit, he likes walking and is a brilliant skier he's never ran. In fact I would go so far as to say he hates the idea of running.
However he started training and after the first couple of short runs came home smiling and saying that it was oddly enjoyable.
He got new proper running trainers and some kit and kept at it. Then we got terribly busy and it went by the wayside a little bit, but he did keep at it every so often.
He entered a 10km run along the coast a couple of months ago and enjoyed it a lot more than he expected.

However, on the run up to the half marathon he was not a happy chappy. The idea of it was messing with his head big time - which I can totally relate to as I was exactly the same with the ocean swim series.

Anyway, yesterday was the day. It was very dull with showers turning to rain later, forecast.
We got up early and I took him to the start. There were 2,500 people doing it. It was actually oversubscribed for the first time. Somehow he managed to meet up with Sara who was also doing it.
And off they set!

Mum and I timed it to get into town for the finish. We met up with Nick and were there just in time to see Sara finish. She beat her previous time by 20 minutes!! That's amazing.
Then we waited for Lloyd. He had thought it would take him around 3 hours as he was sure he wouldn't be able to run all of it.
Well, he was way off!
( I had every faith he'd do it quicker!)
He ran home, with a huge smile on his face in 2 hours 34. Blooming spectacular.
The first thing he said was "I'm not doing that again"

I am so proud of him!
Today, he can still walk!

And here he is - finishing his first ( and maybe last!) half marathon. Look at that grin.

And Sara, fresh as a daisy!


  1. Haha I LOVE this and WAY TO GO Lloyd--way to stick with it! I have a feeling that once I get done with my goal of a half, I'll be feeling the same way! Hopefully he'll stick with some of the shorter runs though and I'm glad he found the shorter ones to be more enjoyable :) What a goal and I bet it feels amazing to have accomplished---especially in that time! :) Woot woot!

    1. That's exactly what he's going to do - he reckons he'll run once a week and do a few kms and that'll do him. He's definitely not hooked like some people get. It was a personal thing for him. Do you have a plan of when you'll do your one? It was lovely to watch - everyone smiling!

  2. Cool! I cannot even imagine participating in a marathon so I'm very impressed :-) My husband participated in the Round the Bay bike ride here in Melbourne a few weekends back - 240km. He'd never ridden more then 100km so was rather jittery but he really enjoyed it too.

    1. I know! I can barely run as far as the chicken house!!
      Can't believe your husband cycled that far! That's awesome :)

  3. What a legend! He fixes teeth, great cook, great guy, AND this half marathon bizzo!? This is all too much Lloyd! Well done!! (p.s. I know he does heaps of other things too. I just listed all of the things he can do that I can't...except the cooking). :)

    1. I know, he is damn near perfect, really! Today, he is just happy it's over!!!

  4. WELL DONE Lloyd ! & if you never do it again OK, to have finished it once is amazing.
    Please do not write another book, Cricket by Candelight is BRILLIANT, so absorbing & great humour, a few very late nights down to you :), having emigrated to Australia in 1974 so much jogs the memory.
    Great pictures Laura !

    1. I think that's his feeling! He had a goal, did it and now he never has to do it again!!! Sorry about your late nights! :)

  5. Wow!! Well done Lloyd.

    I get puffed just jogging round a 2 acre paddock, so I think anyone that can do a half marathon without keeling over in a heap is brilliant.

    What an achievement!

    Sue xx

  6. Congrats to Lloyd! That is quite the accomplishment...even if he never does it again. He looks mighty pleased, as he should.

    1. He was so pleased - and you're right - he should be pleased!


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