Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hello 2013

 2012 was a pretty good year all round on Our Wee Farm, so in no particular order... and starting with the lowlights so I can end on the highlights!

receiving the worst news we could have regarding our lovely neighbour
Sheba, sleep well lovely donk
Finding a lump in Lulahs leg that was an evil tumour
A Few money/work woes...selling the practice went some way to fixing these!
 Banana going missing for 7 weeks
the realisation the Bob the dog is getting older and has arthritis

Holiday to Aitutaki and Rarotonga
Lloyd getting his book printed
Mums visit
Lloyd completing the Half marathon
Trip to Melbourne to see Dan and Chris and patting kangaroos
Selling the Dental Practice and therefor paying off a chunk of our mortgage! whoohoooo
Getting a greenhouse
Baby Alpacas
A weekend with friends at Eagles Nest
Lots of scuba diving
Lulah's evil tumour being removed
Spending time with good friends
Banana the miracle cat getting better
Mary Poppins down in Auckland
Lloyd finally winning the Curry Cup after being runner up for EVER!

I hope you have all had a good 2012 and will have a happy, lovely 2013.

We've got a big trip over to the Uk in July. My mum and dad will have been married for 50 years, so we'll be over celebrating with them.


Slàinte mhath! 


  1. Happy new year :)

  2. It is great that your highlights list is twice as long as your lowlights. I hope 2013 produces an even longer list of highlights. I'm looking forward to reading all about them.

    1. I know, we are pretty fortunate :) Happy New Year, Jo

  3. Anonymous8:04 am

    Happy New Year, Laura. Have a ball on your trip back here, and all the best for the coming year :-) Jo

    1. thank you! We're really looking forward to it.
      And happy new year to you too xxx

  4. Happy New Year you two and the menagerie. May 2013 be awesome. 79% of Lloyds boom read so had to pop over here for some visual references ;) xxxxx Colin Usher, near Haddington.

    1. Happy New year to you and Julia as well, Colin! And your growing menagerie - you'll catch up with us!


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