Monday, August 12, 2013

We've been home for a week...

and it's just flown!
When we've been away for a while I always feel that it takes a few days to "claim the house back!" So, I've been doing a lot of hoovering - Bob is shedding even more crazily than usual - a bit of baking, a lot of gardening ( when it's not raining) and mammoth loads of washing!
I did manage to fit in a couple of lovely winter dives with Dan though. Winter dives can really be gorgeous ( if colder!)

It was one of those stunning mornings, that start off incredibly misty, then as the sun warms up the mist burns off and you're left with amazing blue skies.  You can see the last of the mist just burning off in the valley. 

Once we got out in the bay it was almost even more lovely. The water was actually calm, flat and almost glassy. While we were zooming out to the dive site I thought, probably for the millionth time, how lucky we are to live in such an amazing place.

At the end of the day I came home with a lovely, big cray fish. Definitely not the best pic of me, I was tired and had been diving all day, but I'm well happy!!  Roll on next dive.

 So I celebrated with a cup of Earl Grey. One of my lovely friends in Scotland, Stephanie. She knows how much I love old china, so she gave me this trio set and Lloyd one too. We've been using them every day, they're just so beautiful, and I'm sure tea tastes nicer out of a china teacup!


  1. It's a lovely photo of you and a LOVELY cray too!

    1. i must admit, I do love a nice cray fish :)

  2. Gorgeous photos (even the one of you, although I'm not sure about your little friend), the colours are wonderful.

  3. What beautiful and vivid colours. I agree with you - tea tastes much nicer in a pretty china cup.

  4. That second photo blew my mind. Wow.

  5. So glad you live in our little country called paradise!! Welcome home. Love your new to you cup and Earl Grey is a must in such a posh cup!


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