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The Garden Share Collective - November

  The Garden Share Collective is the brain child of Lizzie from Strayed from the Table. There are a group of bloggers from all over the place who chat about what is going on in their gardens, with hints and tips. Pop over to Strayed from the Table to check out all the others.

So, what's been going on since last month? Well quite a lot!

Operation Picket Fence has been completed.  Which was fabulous!
The new hedge is also in now. We've been watering it every day, since we seem to be having absolutely no rain at all right now. That's pretty unusual for this time of year.

So here it is! Our teeny, tiny hedge. It's fast growing though and as long as I trim it properly it'll thicken up.  It'll be interesting to see how much it grows each month.

 In the Greenhouse

The overall look - it probably looks less full that it did last month, because a lot of the seed trays are out and the seedlings have been planted in the veggie garden.
But, you can probably see how much the chillies have grown.

I found these as tiny self seeded chillies under the habanero. I assume they'll be habaneros from seeds that will have been left behind from one of the chillies last year. I rescued a few of them and bunged them in pots. The biggest one has doubled in size in a week!

Finally some success on the cucumber front. Every year I say it's going to be my last of growing cucumbers. They never do well in my garde, however here I go again!

This is a wee yellow cherry I planted from seed a few weeks ago. It's growing like a weed

 Some basil, planted from seed since last month. It grows so quickly in here. Last year I think I may have had the biggest basil leaves in the world!

And! yes! Ripe tomatoes.We've been eating tomatoes from the greenhouse regularly for the last 2 weeks. I'm amazed! I did wonder if they would have a good taste to them, since they've been growing over winter, but they are the sweetest, tomatoey tomatoes ever!
These are the Oregon Spring - which I got specifically to grow over winter.

This, however, is a moneymaker. I took a lateral off one of last seasons plants, just before I dug them out. It's in a pot and has grown steadily all winter. It was only a couple of weeks behind the ones that are supposed to do well in colder temperatures, and the tomatoes are much bigger. It's covered in large red tomatoes, which is somewhat of a surprise to me! And they taste amazing.

This year, I'm experimenting with growing my aubergines in the greenhouse. I always feel that the season isn't quite long enough for them in the garden. usually they would still be months away from having any flowers on them. I'm really hopeful this experiment will be a good one.

And the chillies! Wow. All of last years chilli plants were cut down a few weeks ago. but already they are growing tall and strong. All of the different varieties have flowers on them already.

This is a sudra

And finally! A luffah germinated. I planted about 10 seeds. This is my only plant. Which is a little disappointing. But last time I grew a luffah I only had one and it spread for miles!

Have I mentioned how much I love my greenhouse!!

The Veggie Garden

Things are beginning to take shape. The seedlings from the Greenhouse are doing well. The seeds I planted straight into the ground - not so good! There is still no sign of any rocket, lettuces, or the sweetcorn from seed.

The bean bed is doing well! Dwarf butter beans in the middle, and snake beans on the bamboo.  There are also a few beetroots in front of one of the bean pyramids. I don't like beetroot at all, I think it tastes like mud. But Lloyd likes them. I planted the pretty ones that are stripey.

Close up of the lovely butter beans.

Cavallo Nero - again for Lloyd - or the chickens!

A wee mesculin mix - got a few of these

A little, out of focus, courgette.

And!! OUTSIDE tomatoes! Just shows what having a greenhouse to start them in does. Usually I wouldnt have tomatoes  until December. (I checked and last your our first one was 17th December)

Still looking very empty, though.

We've still got some peas, globe artichokes, lots of asparagus and potatoes being eaten now.
I've planted a lot of sweetcorn. Some directly into the soil in seed form, and some that I have bought as seedlings from one of the lovely garden centres in town. So there's a real variety. Lloyd and I prefer the sweet ones.
And the courgette that was in the greenhouse is now in the veggie garden. Already we've had one courgette. 

Other stuff around the place. 

The poppies are beginning to come out. And they're so pretty.

I've also got a lot of daisies. Pink ones and white ones. It's unfortunate that the white ones smell like sweaty socks!

My wee sewing shed, The Pip is in the apple orchard. It's looking very pretty in there right now, with a mixture of leaves and blossom. 

 More blossom - the avocado orchard is awash with blossom this year. You just have to stand close by and all you can hear is the buzzing of hundreds of bees, working away.

The first roses are blooming. I was a bit lax last year and didn't prune them at the end of the season. Also in my rose bed were some dwarf frangipanis (since removed!) they had completely taken over and were smothering the roses. Some of them were not happy campers. Now that have lots of space and light. 

This is the pompom tree ( or snowball tree!) I can't remember what it's really called.  We only planted this a couple of years ago and it was a twig. I think it's at its best this time of year- when it's covered in white pompoms!

It still looks nice, even when it's a little past it and the blossom are all over the ground.

 We've also been getting on with all the rather boring, everyday tasks that crop up when you live in an old wooden house.  There's been some painting of new wood, which replaced some rotting wood in the wall of the house.
And some repair work to the front steps. Any day we were going to put a foot right through them!!

So, everything is looking rather lovely. I do love this time of year. Best thing about the garden is how amazing it smells!

Oh, and another job that I dont like - machette-ing the bananas. It's hard work for a 5ft2 wimp like myself. Lloyd usually does it, but he's been pretty busy at call in the helpxers. We have 2 more German boys. They are super fit and seem to thrive on hard physical work. So this morning I handed them a couple of machetes and let them get on with it!

They seem very happy!

 Things to do for next month
Keeping on top of the weeds in the veggie garden, this is peak growing time.

Mowing lawns. Our neighbour is very ill so Lloyd and I have been doing their lawns and our own. It's nice to be able to help them. That's about 8 hours of mowing to do both! TBH I'm rather grateful that it hasn't rained for a while! it's slowed the grass down.

Probably planting more sweetcorn

watering the new hedge!

and just all the usual stuff.

We do have one exciting thing, though! Alpaca shearing! It's a big, hard job, so when it's all done everyone involved will be sitting down to home made pizzas. Better fire up the pizza oven!


  1. wonderful pictures! green with envy considering the weather we have here (I'm writing from North Italy)!
    by the way, I was wondering what you call Cavallo Nero couldn't be Cavolo Nero? (if I'm not mistaken by the photo)

    1. It is! I just can't spell!!!! doh!!!! xx

  2. Everything is looking fabulous Laura. I would so love a greenhouse!

    1. best thing I ever got for the garden! Ever!!

  3. Great photos Laura, lovely garden for this time of year. The greenhouse was a great investment I think you have really been getting good results. Your place must been complete now you have a picket fence! Lucky you having a couple of helpers, send them over here when they are done please. cheers Wendy

    1. I am always totally blown away by the greenhouse. And yes!! Finally! I have my fence :)

    2. I found a couple of chillies growing away merrily in my greenhouse too plus I planted a couple of seeds from last years crop and they've germinated - yay free plants! Beautiful garden!

    3. free plants are just the best aren't they!! xx

  4. Your garden looks marvellous. Courgettes already wow! The pompom ball tree brought back childhood memories, we called it snow ball tree and used to have mock snow ball fights with the neighbouring kids. Lovely photos.

  5. I love your greenhouse too. Now I want one for Christmas!

    1. go for it!! you'll never regret it..

  6. This is your year to grow cucumbers! I just know it :) What an incredible veggie patch, I absolutely love the look and design. Fabulous GSC post

    1. thanks Lisa :) ok this IS my year!!! Cucumbers are go! :)

  7. Inspiring - for all those fellow NZ gardeners you can have tomatoes in October you are the proof. I am really impressed with your garden once again, I bet in a couple of months time what looks like an empty space will be full of foliage of some sort and giving you another good bounty of veggies. Good luck with the cucumbers.

    1. If I'd been more organised I think I could have had them in September. And my last summer ones in the greenhouse were in around july. So I think if I really worked it out I could have them almost all year round!! That would be amazing!

  8. I love the concept of a sewing shed in the garden!!! Well done on getting the first zucc for the year - we are having to investigate some calcium options.

    1. that sewing shed is one of my favourite places in the world!! We have a minuscule house - it's only 1 bedroom. So I had to do something different to be able to keep my sewing stuff out all the time!


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