Sunday, November 17, 2013

The best chocolate chip cookies? Probably

One of my facebook friends raved about these cookies ( you know who you are!) As I already have the cook book they came from - Little and Friday, I decided to give them a go.
and Oh yeh! they were right. These are delicious!

So, here's the recipe. I followed it to the letter. For the chocolate I used 150g of whittakers  and 100g of lindt orange. ( and yes, I probably haven't spelt either of those correctly) I purposely haven't written out the recipe clearly! This book is totally worth buying if you like baking and cooking!

Butter and sugar about to be creamed...

All nice and creamed, with the egg added too...

1/2 t spoon of baking powder going in...

Flour added...

Chocolate all roughly cut...

Wee balls of dough, slightly flattened, ready to go in the oven...

Mmmmm yummy cookies, cooling...

It made this many!

Yummy and scrummy...


  1. Oh, my, those look great. I rarely use the big pieces of chocolate, but may try a batch like this!

    1. you know what, I've never made chocolate chip cookies before, so I wasnt sure how big to leave the chocolate!!! it worked really well though

  2. Just when I'm trying to cut down on scrummy things like these !! They sound and look marvellous. Will have to give them a go!!

    1. Oh Do! They're worth it! I promise :)

  3. That make my mouth water! Gonna go check out that cookbook now and cook me some cookies!!

    1. The cookbook is lovely. Hubby just bought me their other one - for christmas! So it's now hidden :(

  4. Anonymous11:39 am

    Laura, I see your lovely hubby has written a book - think it's time you took all your lovely stories, recipes and pictures and made a book out of them too! Darlene xx

  5. They look good! Might add that book to my list.


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