Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Mission Driftwood

A crowd of us got together to go on a driftwood hunt. I want to make a driftwood christmas tree and R&V want a lot of Driftwood for a new venture, so we all piled into various 4 wheel drives and took an off-road trip to a very secret beach where lots and lots of driftwood washes up.
It's a really gorgeous place.

 We'd only just arrived when we started making little piles of wood to collect on the way back.  While the adults searched out the perfect pieces, the kids all went for a swim.

 I made a little art installation on the sand!

 There really is some totally beautiful bits of driftwood here. I managed to get enough to make the tree. More about that later, once I've actually made it!

We managed to get so much, that we couldn't carry it back very easily. So we rigged up a sort of stretcher malarky and balanced the wood onto it. It worked really well.

Once the girls had finished swimming they worked their socks off carrying pretty large bits of wood back to the trucks.

Here's our haul. It's going to be exciting seeing what this will be turned into.

I love how the roots are all weathered and silvery. 

So, watch this space! In a little while there will be a simple driftwood christmas tree in our house!.


  1. Oh Laura I just cannot wait to see what you make. Maybe you could give the odd teaser photo?? What ever you end up with I just know it will be awesome.

  2. It will be interesting that's for sure! Loving your photos today Laura, it looks like it was a fun time. cheers Wendy

    1. it really was a fab day, good friends, a beach and good weather :)

  3. Can't wait to see your driftwood tree!

  4. I am SO eager to see what you put together. I've always admired the smooth lines of driftwood and that satiny finish from being rubbed by the waves and sand. Plus, it looks like a very fun day with friends!

    1. some of the wood was like a seal, it was so silvery and beautiful :)

  5. Sounds Great. Will there be a starfish on top? Can't wait to see the finished tree!


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