Sunday, January 05, 2014

Happy (Belated) New Year

and what else have we been up to?

well, Northland is basking in truly gorgeous summer weather, it's hot, it's sunny, and Lloyd and I are brown as berries.

We've also been really busy making the most of it all.

Hogmany was wonderful. We went to the beach at R&V's and there was a small crowd of the usual suspects. A lovely mix of adults and children ( most of whom are really young adults now!)
The late afternoon started with biscuiting on the water - in case anyone's not sure what this is, you get towed behind a boat (at speed) while lying perched on top of a smallish blow up thingy! Best fun ever!! Especially when you get flung off. Which I did.

Then a game of cricket, lovely food, some fireworks and a Happy New year all round.

As a non drinker it would be fair to say, I feel a wee bit smug on New Years day cos I feel great!!! 

Next on the agenda....a trip over to the Hokianga, to the sand dunes at Omapere/Opononi. We've been over here loads of times, D&P have a bach here so it would be fair to say we visit them quite a lot! However, we've never been over to the dunes, just viewed them from the other side. This time Danny took us all over in his Takacat. The dunes are HUGE from this side! Supposedly some get up to 300m - you can't tell the sheer scale of them from photos.

Lloyd having a wee snooze after his swim. The water might look lovely and calm, but there was quite a strong current. If you swam against it you just stayed in the same place! But not so strong that it washed you off your feet. Brilliant fun!

 Wilson has the right idea - she made a wee home for herself in the shade, under the boat!

After our strenuous day (!) we headed to the Copthorn at Omapere, where we devoured some curly fries!!! Not a bad view to gaze on while we were chowing down.

Then we had a day of rest...which means we got some stuff done in the garden - mowing, weeding, checking the water situation - not much rain up here.

But by yesterday we were on the go again!
The Tall Ships race was on in the bay and Si and Ali took us out on Roxi. I can't really put into words what an absolute treat this was! The day was stunning, and being on a yacht we were right in the thick of it. We'd never have seen the race like this from land.
It was stunning!

it was the best day. Probably one of the best days I've ever had! I really do have to pinch myself often.

I also have a huge thank you!
Without the lovely Bella and Craig, who are staying at The Acorn just now, we wouldn't have been able to have these 2, long, days out; because we would have had to be back for our dogs. But they have looked after them for us, let them out for wees, taken them down to the Acorn to play with their own dogs, Mollie and Luna and generally been totally brilliant! We cant thank them enough.
We collected up some garden bits and bobs and a wee bottle of Lloyds newest chili sauce to say thank you.

Bella emailed me a couple of pics - I think it would be fair to say our dogs didn't miss us one bit! And I think Luna and Mollie may have enjoyed their company!

Brodie certainly enjoyed theirs!!

So, all that remains to be said is, happy 2014 everyone. May it bring you happiness and a good time!!


  1. Happy New Year to you both. I think Omepere is definately a place to visit when we're up there next month. I'm really looking forward to getting away, I need a holiday :D I don't consider the trip back to the UK last year a 'holiday' as such, you need to relax and do want you want on yer hols! x

  2. Wishing you & Lloyd ( & ALL the animals ! ) the happiest 2014. Just brilliant photographs, SO good that you feel you are almost part of it !!! xx

  3. What a great New Year Laura! Wishing you and Lloyd (and all the gang) the very best for 2014. You really are living the dream. cheers Wendy

  4. Oh it looks wonderful, sunshine and more sunshine, here in wet and windy North Wales I am SO jealous, I think I have a touch of rising damp .... me not the house, it's so wet here!!

    Happy New Year to you both and all your furry and feathered friends,and may all your days this coming year be filled with sunshine and lots more happy moments :-)

  5. looks idyllic - especially on a wet grey UK day!

  6. Wow. Also, I am always fascinated by our linguistic differences. Here we call biscuiting "tubing" after the inner tubes we're floating on. It makes sense, but lack a certain something. Regardless of what it is called, it sure is fun. I don't do much in the way of water sports being so landlocked and all, but tubing is something done on every lake I've ever seen boats on. Speaking of boats, those big boats are really remarkable. I am so glad you ended the year on such tremendous high point!


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