Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Garden Share Collective - July

I can take an ok photograph, but I most certainly cannot do a video!
I wanted to do a quick film of the garden cos there's really nothing happening just now, but it was raining, and I don't really know how to work the video part of my camera.
The result is this.
Possibly the worst video in the world.

Hope it gives you a laugh, if nothing else!

please look at the much better Garden Shares for this month! All the links!


  1. Nothing wrong with that. I enjoyed your garden tour.

  2. Great garden and nothing wrong with the video clip!

  3. That was a mighty fine video :D And still she is getting tomatoes!! Jealous much :D

  4. Video wasn't to shabby, what variety of avo's do you have? Plenty of citrus and nice looking camellias


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