Monday, March 05, 2018

Happy Birthday... to me!!

Today is my birthday. 
Yesterday I had a dinner at the local yacht club which is conveniently 1 minute from our house!

I'm not a party person, my close friends will tell you that. In fact my favourite way to spend time with friends is to have a couple over for dinner and chill. Large groups of people is not my thing. However, this was a big birthday and I really wanted to celebrate it. So we had a very chilled, laid back, casual dinner. I loved it,  I was so glad I did it, and I really love my friends. ( but most of all Lloyd <3 )

No surprise I made my own cake!

Good old vanilla sponge with buttercream and strawberry jam filling. Then go to town on the decorating. Bung on more buttercream, chuck in a few macarons, lots of little vanilla meringues, some fresh strawberries a few roses and other bits and bobs and you have a pretty lovely cake... yes, I am now 50. How did that happen?

Here's a few pics of the party. I know it's a bit corny, but I feel incredibly lucky to have the friends I do. We moved to NZ not knowing a soul and now I consider these friends, family. How cool is that!

                  This was my favourite one! I reckon I could still get away with it.

Forecast today was severe weather warning with thunder storms and masses of rain - woke up to this.

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