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This is by no means extensive, I read loads of blogs every day, but these are ones I have been reading for years and would miss if they weren't around!

This Blooming Life

Enchanted Moments

House of Humble

Our New Life in the Country

The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady

Living the Good Life

Cabbage tree farm

The Station Masters Cottage

Frugal Kiwi


  1. Just love reading your blogs. Going to make the Lemon Curd recipe now and keen to try the Almond Pav with it. Your little house and gardens are so beautiful with the big verandahs etc. Our daughter and family live way up north of Kaitaia and when I mentioned to her about your blog, she asked the name, then proceeded to tell me that whe was a patient of your husbands!! We are down in Matamata, a long way south but are thinking of you all up there in this terrible weather you've been having. Hopefully you are all safe and not flooded out.
    Keep writing your interesting blogs. You never know, one day when we're driving north, we ay just get the chance to go past your place!

    1. Hi Brenda - well it's a small world!! The roulade recipe is really simple so hope you love it! If you ever are passing ( we are very simple to find!) do pop in for a coffee!! xxx


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