Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Spring and summer followed - and what a summer!
Lloyd was liking work very much, Richard and Vanessa and their girls have become great friends, we bought a boat, the building work was almost finished and my mum and dad came over for a month. We spent christmas day with our lovely new neighbours and it was sunny and boiling! It didnt really feel like christmas but it was a good day.

Most weekends were spent at the beach, out on the boat, diving, catching our dinner ( how many scallops and crays can you eat in a summer??) working in the garden, doing teeth and exploring our new home. And we LOVE it, and Bob loves it and our new adopted kittens (pango and Kopi) love it and Winston Banana loves it and the new addition, Brodie loves it too! Our lives are danm near perfect!

Our Bob




The money for the Dental Practice eventually came through and we exchanged it at the worst possible rate of exchange - but we needed it then and always said that when we needed it we would have to exchange it regradless of rate. So exchange it we did. Now we own our farm - its all ours.
Lloyd bought a subaru for his runabout which he likes a lot

Mum and dad loved New Zealand as well, so much so that they are putting a wee cottage down on one of the fields near by. ( more of that later!)

mum and dads house is going here

Summer and spring and I suppose autumn have all flown by.

We are half way ( maybe more) through winter now and its all good! Our wee house came into its own over winter as it actually has central heating! and we have needed it on more than one occasion.

Here's the dogs playing

So up to date I think.

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