Sunday, November 26, 2006

November - Two new things

Yesterday V and I opened the shop - it was Keri steam day and we managed to get the old blacksmiths cleaned and ready - it was pretty hard work as it was probably the hottest 2 days so far! And it was really dirty - it hasnt been used for about 8 years or something!
Saturday dawned sunny with clear blue skies. We got there for 10am and already there were people waiting - we hadnt even priced half the stuff so we weren't totally ready at all! Anyway it didn't seem to matter and we had happy customers and it was a lovely day. We took another $600! Our costs are cleared after 2 sales which is really excellent. A lot of people were saying how nice it was to see the blacksmiths being used again, so that was a wee added bonus that I hadn't thought of. Steam day seemed to go well - D sung again and was really really excellent.

After that we went ou to dinner at Frances and Andys and it was the end to a lovely day - also our wedding anniversary - which was nice :O)

Second thing is we finally managed to find some donkeys! We met a lovely couple through other friends who have had a couple of donkeys for 24 years! They have sold off a lot of their land and it's with much sadness that they decided that it was time to look for a new home for them. There's a boy and a girl - Joseph and Rachael, Rachael may even be expecing a wee donkey foal. So they are getting into a float on Monday evening and heading over here. Jean has moved her 2 horses back home now and we miss them a lot - but they're only in the next field from ours so we can still see them whenever we want to.

Lloyd went and get a new electric fence to separate the artichokes slightly better - donkeys like thistles! Now we're all ready for them. Can't wait!

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