Saturday, December 02, 2006

Our new kitchen.
After living with the old kitchen for a year now, and knowing that it was always going to be replaced - so it never got cleaned properly and things were just thrown to the back of a cupboard, oh and you used to almost break your back trying to get into the dishwasher that was crammed into a corner of a unit that had had to be cut up to fit it in - well finally.....

its in!

It started to be installed on Monday and everything was a bit chaotic. Then thay had a day off then more was done then another day off - you get the idea - it was finished on Friday - well 99%. And we are so chuffed with it. In the end they made a fabulous job of it and we have exactly what we wanted. But I am really glad that we'll only do this once! I spent most of the week hiding in the bedroom with the dogs!!

Sorry - no befores for now - I think we tried to blank it!

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