Monday, January 22, 2007

22nd January
At last I have broken our duck in the world of fishing for your dinner! We went out with N & S at the weekend - it was one of those glorious days when you really should be in the shade all afternoon, but instead of that we were out on the bay in a boat with no shade ( factor 30 doesn't really cut it!) Anyway, we were just having a laugh and faffing about when I caught a snapper!! Yippee! It was quite big, but I had to get Nick to land it cos I'm rubbish. Then about 15 minutes later I caught another one - fish that is - not a snapper this time but a pig fish - bright orange and ugly with a pointy nose and humungous teeth - not a pretty sight - and as it turned out not a great dinner either. It was a bit on the woolly side. The pig fish is the bright orange one, the snapper lost a lot of its colour. But did taste good.I have also come to realise that I like my fish filleted and eyeless - looking at all the bits actually made me want to puke so I pretty much just ate oven chips for tea!

We are managing well on the getting our own food bit though - the garden is spectacular this year.
All our sweetcorn. I am like a proud mum :O)

Oh and Brodie got a haircut - a severe one! He looks just like a wee poodle - we both can't wait till it grows back - but have resigned ourselves to it being a yearly occurance for the summer as he is just so much happier - he was running around like 'My Little Pony' on acid or something!

The McNaught comet (or something like that!) is around at the moment - we have managed to get a pretty good view of it on the clear nights. Sarah took these stunning or what!

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