Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a brilliant days!
This might not sound like everyones idea of fun but it's my idea of bliss!

We went shopping in the morning( ok but it was a necessary evil!) and bought two Cape Cod chairs - unfortunately the shop didnt have any that were made up so we had to get flat packed ones, but it ended up being really good fun putting them together and not difficult at all, but you need 2 people. We bought paint and stuff too.
Then I painted them ( well one of them, still need to do the other one today) and then Lloyd suggested that the colour might look nice on the window ledges outside so I painted them too - he was right - it looks great.

Vanessa and the girls popped over with a special delivery ( :O) thank you!).

While I was doing the painting lloyd was cooking up a storm - I just wanted a roast chicken dinner so he made one with all the trimmings! It was gorgeous. And he made a cake!It was the first cake he's ever made and it was delicious. Then we had a spa and champagne. What a lovely day!

And a huge thank you to all family and friends - you are all stars - no idea how you managed to time the delivery of pressies and cards but they all pretty much arrived actually on my birthday so THANK YOU! I Love you all!!

Joff how cool was it opening the pressie on the web cam!! heehee

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