Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We've done a few things since the last update.
There are a some more pictures of the day out to Robertson Island. N&S took some photos of our boat, Ladybird - these are the first pictures we've ever seen of it actually going!
It doesn't look like it was going particularly fast but it was flying!We also spent a weekend putting in the french doors to the deck from our bedroom. The 'boys' did the heavy work on Sunday and removed the old window, cut the hole and put in the door. By the end of the day all the mouldings were up, the skirting boards were back on and it was pretty much done.

I know it looks like only Richard did any work - but the others did help - honest! In the second picture you can tell that Andy is really concentrating, and in the last one everyone is helping Richard choose which tool to use.

By the end of the following day I had primed and painted the whole thing - including the outside of the house, and put on all the locks, hooks and handles. Job well done - it looks like it's been there for ever and we are chuffed to bits with it. It makes the room much brighter ( and it was pretty light already, really) and we just walk out and onto the deck. Bliss.

And from the outside
This weekend just past we went on a classic car run with Tom and Suzi up to Tauranga beach. It was a great laugh. We left Keri in the morning in drizzle and grey skies - expecting it to be like this for the rest of the day we didn't bother to bring sunscreen, hats or any shade. Of course this meant that by the time we got to the beach the clouds had all gone, the sun came out and it was around 28degrees. I spent half the afternoon in the car in the shade! The dogs loved it though and a couple of people came up at the end of the day to say how well behaved they'd been - I was so proud of them.Tom's car is the blue one on the right.

Lloyd's daimler
some of the others.

Summer of 06/07

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