Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nothing much to report!
The weather has turned terrible. Very hot, very windy and very wet. Not great for doing anything much.
Proof the sun doesn't always shine!

Today I am tidying out the spare bedroom - oh joy.
Lloyd is happily back to three days a week. The dental practice changed hands on Friday. There was a wee party on Friday night which was lovely.
The rest of the weekend was spend pretty much lazing around and doing nothing.
Oh! Lloyd has been asked by our vet if he's like to be the doggie dentist!! So on Monday he went down to Whangarei to talk to another dentist he knows who does the lions teeth at the Lion thingy down there, so that was interesting and next time he's called out to do some work Lloyd is going down to see it. Which will be pretty exciting.

Kerikeri had it's fair thing on Sunday and my goodness I have never seen so many people - it was a mad house!

We have a couple of weekends down to Auckland booked. One to see a show and another with Nick and Sara to go to the rugby. So that should give me something more to write about.

Here's a video we took of the dogs!! We got a new camera and it's ace!

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