Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nothing much to report!! Well spoke too soon there!
We have just had the worst weather ever - but it's been spectacular.
The rain has just gone off now but since last night up till about half an hour ago we had over 300mm of rain. Now that is the equivilent of 2 months rainfall in a day!

I went to kaikohe to post mums birthday present and it was just unbelievable how much flooding there was. The culverts were overflowing cos they couldn't cope so the water was just flowing, river like, into the roads. The roads were actually breaking up! There were huge holes appearing. The park as you come in to Kaikohe was completely underwater, it was just a huge lake and lots of paddocks were like this.

Lloyd had to come home from work early as the roads were pretty much all shut - the only way he could get back was to take a detour round Okaihau! When he went into work Bulls gorge was pretty much underwater - it's closed now - and all he could see of a car was it's roof. ( as I'm typing this the rain is back on again!)
Richard and Vanessa are blocked in as their road has fallen away.

Our house has about a million leaks - but the good old Acorn is totally dry! We really must get the roof fixed!

It has been mad!

The pictures show a river flowing through our back garden, it just appeared - normally there's no water there!!

this is how deep the water was in the garden!

The animals all seem fine though - but pretty wet. Poor things.

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