Saturday, May 26, 2007

He's a model and he's looking good...

(view from Manganoui)

Welcome to baby boy! He finally arrived. He didnt come into the world easily but he's perfect and Vanessa is amazing.Meet Louie/Reef - ongoing discussion! He's an angel.

Proud dad and Il Padrone - cigars and port.

So to come down from all the excitement of the last few days we headed off on another explore.
We went to Rawene on the west coast then took the ferry over the Hokianga to almost kohukohu, but we went left instead of right!
(crossing over on the ferry, view back to Rawene)

And followed the north coast of the Hokianga for about 30ks round to Mitimiti stopped off at the beach then headed towards Kaitaia and shipwreck bay by all the teeny back roads.
Shipwreck Bay is lovely - I could live there.

The forecast wasn't actually good but it turned out great. We had a lovely time and the dogs had a ball, they were shattered. We then went round to the other coast and came back via the Fish and chip restaurant at Manganoui.
These are the best kind of exploring days - we did have a plan but did it as much on back roads as possible - most of them have no tar on them so its bouncy ride, but you see so much that you would miss if you went the normal way - amazing bush, fantastic views. Deserted beaches, and we just take the jeep - it goes anywhere!

It should be winter now but its so much milder than it was this time last year.

Me and my best boy, Bob. I love this photo.

and this is my favourite photo of all time of the boys.

It was another lovely day.
Today we have been planting down at mum and dad's house - but no pics cos its a surprise! Tomorrow Richard and Dione are coming over to record more myoosak!

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