Sunday, May 13, 2007

We decided that we hadn't been for an explore for a while so we set off map in hand. We drove south then headed off on a whole load of tracks - we drove ( well Lloyd did) for about 5 hours and saw some of the most spectacular scenery yet. Amazing farm land then bush then beaches. With not a soul on them. We passed through a couple of teeny villages, nobody was there so I reckon they were mostly holiday homes. probably in the summer its mobbed, but today, sun and all we were the only people there! It was lovely.

We took the dogs and they had a ball! Bob was surfing again. Brodie wouldn't go in the sea to swim, which is odd as he swims in the river really well, maybe it's the noise of the waves or something?
Anyway, the video makes it sound really windy - it wasn't at all!!

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