Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It was the Queen's birthday holiday this weekend. On Sunday I went on a flax weaving day as part of Matariki ( Maori New Year) and made a Kete! I am so pleased with it - it was more difficult than I thought it would be but there was a lovely bunch of folk there and it was really great fun. The day flew by and what started of as a pile of just picked flax on the floor ended up as a smallish bag!
It will fade to a natural sand sort of colour. I'm going to get some shells to decorate it with. I'd really like to make a bigger one - sort of take to the beach size, but when I had a look at our own flax yesterday it doesnt seem so long - so maybe another day of lessons!

Yesterday we went for a mommoth drive, a big loop - down the west coast further than Kai Iwi Lakes then right round and home again - about 10 hours in total.

these are the view from Ompaere looking back down the Hokianga

The dunes at Omapere

and Kai Iwi Lakes
which looked lovely, but I was a wee bit disappointed - it was all very nice, but so many rules and regulations! Dont do this dont do that!! Very pretty though.

On Saturday it was Andy's birthday so we all went to the cafe down at the front in Opua and had a lovely lunch, then headed down to the Canterbury for a look around - you were allowed on board - I found it all a bit sad really, but thought it would be nice to have a walk about on it before it's sunk in Deep Water Cove.

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