Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We went to Melbourne!
It was lovely.
On Thursday night at midnight we headed off to drive down to Auckland to catch the early morning flight. The drive was unbelievably fast as there were virtually no other cars on the road! So we arrived really early and the queue was tiny - yippee! Got to the front to check in and the lady said ' you dont have a visa' eh??? so who knew! Off we trotted to get our visas but the office didnt open for another half hour - by the time we got it we had to rejoin a now huge queue for check in - an hour later we'd eventually got out bags away!
We flew Qantas and they were really excellent. It was a long haul from LA so we had all the on demand movies and the food was ok too. A pretty quick flight at about 4 hours so we arrived in Melbourne at 8am - and it was COLD!! a proper dry cold.

Chris picked us up and we headed off into the city.
We went to a wee french pastry place for cakes, then a wee wonder round where Chris lives. Then to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. I had to have a wee snooze for an hour as we hadn't been to bed.

Then up and off out for dinner. We went to a bar first - that had a view right over the city - its really lovely. Then for some Tapas - which was excellent. Home and bed.

Chris, Dan and Lloyd

Next morning we went to Victoria Market which was absolutely fantastic - right up there with the french ones we used to go to when we were on holiday - but we couldnt buy anything to take back which was a shame. Then we took a big drive round about and to St Kilda, right on the beach and went for a walk along the jetty. Home again then off out for dinner, this time a lovely wine bar first and an Italian meal in a pretty cool restaurant - it was excellent again! Very late night.

On Suday we went in to the city centre for a wee bit of shopping then to the Shark Fin House for Dim Sum - yummy!

And home for a rest as we were all knackered! A lovely home cooked dinner to round the weekend off.
Up early on Monday to get to the airport for 8. Flight was excellent home - drove straight to the BOI and were home for 9.30!

what a lovely long weekend. I loved Melbourne - thought it was a really great city.

Today we met Nick and Sara cos we hadnt seen them for ages cos they'd been in the states so it was dead nice to see them again

these were taken from the plane as we came in to land at Auckland - if you look to the middle left of the second one you can see the Harbour Bridge.

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