Sunday, August 12, 2007

View from the Boathouse in Rawene just before the rain thundered down.

But finally - the weather is better - sort of normal winter - the rain had gone pretty much and the garden is recovering.
The daffodil bulbs are all coming up - they think its spring, but it's definitely not yet.
We worked at a wedding next door and it was really nice, there was a massive marquee in the garden and it was the biggest wedding yet - we were so tired at the end of the day!

We've had a trip over to Rawene to see Carol - she's made a suit for Lloyd for Joff's wedding and it's just lovely.
I made a cat bed for Freak and all the cats like it so finally Kopi and Freaky are friends and sleep on it.

Have been doing a lot of gardening since the rain stopped and we've been having newfences done on the farm, so it's looking really good too.

The new curry restaurant is brilliant! yippee

This afternoon we were all over at Nick and Sara's for a huge proper Sunday lunch which was just lovely. Reef is three months old now!

and only three weeks till we go to the Uk - which I am really looking forward to.

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